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The advertising delivery system for Australia’s leading travel and hospitality agency

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful holiday advertisement that’s made you long for white sandy beaches, there’s a good chance Leedham Creative were behind it.

As Australia’s leading creative agency specialising in providing creative solutions to the travel and hospitality industry, they have worked their creative magic for the likes of American Express, NRMA, Travelworld and Jetset Travel just to name a few.

Leedham Creative evaluated both Quickcut and Adsend and chose Adsend as its advertising delivery platform.

The Challenges

When Leedham Creative first started, they were just two guys with a vision to build a great agency.

With few resources, they needed an advertising delivery system that was quick to setup and that wasn’t going to exceed their limited budget.

Having used other systems at their previous agency jobs, they evaluated both Quickcut and Adsend against a specific criteria.

“We needed something that allowed us to work together remotely”, said Senior Creative Mark Williams “More importantly though, we needed a system that was  going to be feasible cost-wise considering the small amount of ads we were doing at the time”


How Adsend helped

Leedham Creative chose Adsend as their advertising delivery system simply because it best met their specific criteria.

“Adsend’s web-based approach enabled us to upload, validate and deliver advertisements from anywhere”, said Mark “While the lack of any setup fees or ongoing licencing fees meant we could pay a flat rate for each send and never have to pay for more than we used”

As Leedham Creative grew and took on more clients, Adsend was able to grow with them, handling their increased volumes with ease and forever providing those same access-anywhere, pay-as-you-go benefits that they originally loved about the system.

Mark Williams of Leedham Creative says Adsend has grown with the agency.

When we first started Leedham, we looked for an advertising delivery platform that was cost-effective but could also scale as we grew. Adsend’s lack of setup or licence fees meant we could pay per send and was the perfect choice for our growing agency.

Mark Williams - Senior Designer & Design Team Leader

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