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Helping streamline production in the worlds most awarded advertising agency

With 289 offices across 81 countries, BBDO is the second largest global advertising agency network in the world.

Headquartered out of New York, their mission is to create and deliver the world’s most compelling commercial content across all mediums and screens.

With successful work for the likes of Pepsi, Visa, FedEx, Starbucks and Mercedes Benz, BBDO are officially the worlds most awarded advertising agency.

Learn how BBDO New York were able to streamline and automate their advertising production workflow using Adsend and save hundreds of hours each month.

The Challenges

Before using Adsend, their production was labour intensive and prone to errors. BBDO were sent a huge media schedule from a media agency in the form of an excel spreadsheet and would then manually enter the each job into their own internal job tracking system before printing out the job tickets and assigning them to a designer to create the ad.

Once created, the designer would then have to create a new (but almost identical) job ticket in their previous delivery system, upload the ad and send it off.

Because the two systems weren’t talking to each other, the same data was being entered twice

‘The whole process wasn’t an efficient use of our human capital’ says JD Michaels, SVP Director Tactile Production + Creative Engineering “There were multiple points of redundancy andmassive exposure to human error through multiple data entry points”


How Adsend helped

By migrating from their previous delivery system to Adsend and automating their workflow using Adgate, BBDO have been able to integrate their internal job ticketing system with their delivery system.

Now, when a job ticket is created in the internal job system it is automatically created in Adsend ready for the designers to fulfil. All they need to do is create the ad and upload it, no more mucking around creating new job tickets with the exact same information.

Once each job ticket has been fulfilled, they can despatch the ads in one click and get real-time feedback when the publisher has received and accepted their ads.

“The biggest benefit we receive from using Adsend is fewer man hours spent on the single task of distributing ads” says JD Michaels “Whilst that may seem small, it’s the cumulative basis of true metrics”

JD Michaels of BBDO New York streamlined and automated their advertising production workflow using Adsend.

Using Adsend has allowed us to significantly reduce the manhours involved in distributing advertisements. We really received a positive reception and enthusiastic feedback from the staff when we established Adsend as our workflow.

JD Michaels - SVP Director Tactile Production + Creative Engineering

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